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Swedish Massage:  A classic massage that cultivates relaxation, increases circulation, and rejuvenates muscles. Aromatherapy oils are blended into a light mixed-oils base and applied to promote calming of mind and body.  Prenatal (with MD permission) and infant/children welcome. 

Thai Massage:  This ancient practice takes place on a firm floor mat.  You remain fully clothed, and no oils are used.  Relax and unwind while you are mindfully moved into yoga postures which stretch, lengthen, and massage your entire body.  It is a wonderful way to increase range of motion and facilitate relaxation.  Table Thai is also available.

Hot Stone Massage:  Hot stones are a blissful way to release tight and tense muscles.  Essential oils indulge the senses while the hot stones soothe and warm the muscles, allowing total relaxation.  A hot stone facial massage and pedicure complete your treatment.

Reflexology:  Based on ancient Asian traditions that the feet contain all the acupressure points of the entire body, reflexology is beneficial for relieving discomfort throughout the body, while soothing overworked feet.

Energy Work:  Chakra balancing, Reiki treatments, and Tuning Fork therapy can be combined with other treatments, or as stand-alone treatments. 

Massage therapy is by appointment only.  These sessions are held in my private studio in Jackson.  Please call or email for further information.


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